lcd.drawText(x, y, text [, flags])

Draw a text beginning at (x,y)

@status current Introduced in 2.0.0, SHADOWED introduced in 2.2.1


  • x,y (positive numbers) starting coordinate

  • text (string) text to display

  • flags (unsigned number) drawing flags. All values can be combined together using the + character. ie BLINK + DBLSIZE. See the Appendix for available characters in each font set.

    • 0 or not specified normal font

    • XXLSIZE jumbo sized font

    • DBLSIZE double size font

    • MIDSIZE mid sized font

    • SMLSIZE small font

    • INVERS inverted display

    • BLINK blinking text

    • SHADOWED Horus only, apply a shadow effect

Return value


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