EdgeTX 2.10 Lua Reference Guide

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The latest version of this guide will always be available here. At the top of the left sidebar there is a version option if you are running an older version of EdgeTX and need the docs for that specific version.

Please feel free to make suggestions or corrections to the documentation on GitHub, but the preferred method of editing is to use GitBook, so all changes will need to be made by someone who is authorized as a writer there.

This guide covers the development of user-written scripts for R/C transmitters running the EdgeTX operating system with Lua support. Readers should be familiar with EdgeTX, the EdgeTX Companion, and know how to transfer files the SD card in the transmitter.

If you are new to Lua programming, you may also find the Lua Reference Manual of assistance.

Part I is an overview of the different script types, along with basic examples of each.

Part II is a programming guide that introduces the types of EdgeTX Lua scripts and how to use them.

Part III is the EdgeTX Lua API Reference

Part IV covers advanced topics with examples

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