EdgeTX LUA Reference Guide

This guide covers the development of user-written scripts for R/C transmitters running the EdgeTX operating system with Lua support. Readers should be familiar with EdgeTX, the EdgeTX Companion, and know how to transfer files the SD card in the transmitter.

The latest version of this guide will always be available here. At the top of the left sidebar there is a version option if you are running an older version of EdgeTX and need the docs for that specific version.



Covers various topics of LUA implementation in EdgeTX operating system system

Reference of all constants and functions available in EdgeTX LUA API

EdgeTX LUA programming guide that covers coding techniques with examples.

EdgeTX LUA development support

Quickest way to get support from seasoned EdgeTX LUA developers is to join our Discord server and ask on dedicated #lua channel

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LUA Reference guide collaboration

Please feel free to make suggestions or corrections to the documentation.

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Project support

The EdgeTX team has no intention of making a profit from their work - EdgeTX is free and open source and will remain free and open source. However, the project is more expensive to maintain than most open source projects. This in mainly because there is a never ending flood of hardware to integrate and maintain code for. Hardware that costs. In addition, in order to develop for this hardware, certain specalised test and measurement equipment is also required.

In order to support this, EdgeTX has chosen to use OpenCollective to allow for donations from the community, as well as funding from manufacturers who choose to partner with and sponsor the project. This also allows for transparent accounting of what the funds are spent on.

Please visit our OpenCollective page if you would like to financially help support the project!