One-Time Scripts

WARNING - Running a One-Time script will suspend execution of all other currently loaded Lua scripts (Custom, Telemetry, and Functions)


One-Time scripts start when called upon by a specific radio function or when the user selects them from a contextual menu. They do their task and are then terminated (by user or function) and unloaded.

Running a One-Time script will suspend execution of all other currently loaded Lua scripts (Custom, Telemetry, and Functions). They are automatically restarted once the One-Time script is finished. This is done to provide enough system resources to execute the One-Time script.

Execution & Lifetime

Script is executed when user selects Execute on a script file from SD card browser screen, or opens a Lua Tool, or creates a new model with a Wizard script.

The script executes until:

  • it returns value different from 0 (except returning string that contains new script name to be executed)

  • is forcefully closed by user by long press of EXIT key

  • is forcefully closed by system if it misbehaves (e.g. run-time error or low


File Location

One-Time Scripts can be placed anywhere on SD card, however, the folder /SCRIPTS/ is recommended.

If One-Time Script is placed in special folder /SCRIPTS/TOOLS it will be visible in EdgeTX RADIO>TOOLS tab To give this One-Time Script unique name place at the beginning of lua script line: -- toolName = "TNS|ScriptName|TNE

Otherwise script's filename will be used to display in RADIO>TOOLS list.

Wizard scripts must be stored in the same subfolder of /TEMPLATES/ with the same "first name" as the template file using it. Some Wizard scripts are just small scripts that load one of the common scripts located in /SCRIPTS/WIZARD/.


Every script must include a return statement at the end, defining its interface to EdgeTX. This statement returns a table with the following fields:

  • run (function) obilgatory this function is called periodicaly when sccript is running Parameter

    event (number) This parameter is used to indicates which radio key has been pressed (see Key Events).

    touchState (table) This parameter is only present when radio is equiped with touch interface and event is a touch event (see Touch State Events).\

    Return value

    exit (multi type)

    1. if exit value is 0 (zero) script will continue to run

    2. if exit value is non-zero script will be halted.

    3. If exit value is a text string with the file path to a new Lua script, then the new script will be loaded and run.\

  • init (function) optional this function is called once when script is executed. Parameters

    none Return Value none


Simplest one-time LUA script

local function init()
  -- init is called once when model is loaded

local function run(event, touchState)
  print("Script run function executed")
  -- code to execute
  if event == EVT_VIRTUAL_EXIT then 
    exit = 1
  return exit

local function init()
  print("Script init function executed")
  -- code to execute

return { run=run, init=init }

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