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Return OpenTX version
@status current Introduced in 2.0.0, expanded in 2.1.7, radio type strings changed in 2.2.0, os name added in EdgeTX 2.4.0


This example also runs in OpenTX versions where the function returned only one value:
local function run(event)
local ver, radio, maj, minor, rev, osname = getVersion()
print("version: "..ver)
if radio then print ("radio: " end
if maj then print ("maj: "..maj) end
if minor then print ("minor: "..minor) end
if rev then print ("rev: "..rev) end
if osname then print ("osname: "..osname) end
return 1
return { run=run }
Output of the above script in simulator:
version: 2.4.0
radio: tx16s-simu
maj: 2
minor: 4
rev: 0
osname: EdgeTX



Return value

  • string OpenTX version (ie "2.1.5")
  • multiple values (available since 2.1.7):
    • (string) OpenTX version (ie "2.1.5")
    • (string) radio type: x12s, x10, x9e, x9d+, x9d or x7.
      If running in simulator the "-simu" is added
    • (number) major version (ie 2 if version 2.1.5)
    • (number) minor version (ie 1 if version 2.1.5)
    • (number) revision number (ie 5 if version 2.1.5)
      Since EdgeTX 2.4.0, sixth value added
    • (string) OS name (i.e. EdgeTX or nil if OpenTX)