playFile(filename [, volume])

Play a file from the SD card

Supported targets: BW, COLOR

Status: current Introduced in 2.0.0, changed in 2.1.0, changed in 2.10


  • filename (string) full path to wav file (i.e. “/SOUNDS/en/system/tada.wav”)

    Introduced in 2.1.0: If you use a relative path, the current language is appended

    to the path (example: for English language: /SOUNDS/en is appended)

  • volume (number): (1..5) override radio settings Wav volume for the duration of file. Omitting the parameter uses radio settings Wav volume

Return value



playFile("armed.wav", 5) -- play file armed.wav, use Wav volume 2
playFile("armed.wav", 1) -- play file armed.wav, use Wav volume 1
playFile("armed.wav")	 -- play file armed.wav, use radio settings Wav volume

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